MSIE Acquisition of Educational Property Company

MSIE Acquires 99.97% Stake in SKN, Focusing on Education Infrastructure Development

MSIE to acquire shareholder’s entity for IDR 2.17 billion

MSIE and IPH Schools Surabaya Invite GKR Mangkubumi to Share Cultural Inspiration

PT Multisarana Intan Eduka Tbk (MSIE) Presents GKR Mangkubumi at Culture Fair in IPH Schools

Stock Price at Rp 30s; Newly IPO’d Company Aiming for Acquisition

Multisarana Intan Eduka (MSIE) Aims for Expansion to Central Java and Bali

MSIE Targets Land in Tawamangu and Ubud

Ian Griffin Makes Debut Move, Acquiring 1.25 Million Multisarana (MSIE) Shares at Rp60 per Share

After the IPO, Multisarana Intan Eduka (MSIE) Expands Its Business to Bali

After Listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), Multisarana Intan Eduka (MSIE) is Ready to Expand its Business!

In The First Listing, Multisarana (MSIE) Reveals Their Business Expansion Plan